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What occurs during pregnancy week 10?

Updated: Feb 23

Since pregnancy is divided into three trimesters, you are almost completing your first trimester. As of now, you might have experienced symptoms such as fatigue and extreme tiredness. Luckily, as your second trimester begins, you’ll begin to regain more energy and most of the symptoms you experienced will quickly fade away.

Around now, you must have booked your appointment with your doctor to track your progress, if not, book an appointment with us, at Jacaranda Maternity hospital and we will take you through your journey. You can book through our website

During your visit, your history will be taken, vitals and physical examination, new ANC laboratory tests, dating ultrasound (it’s the best way to confirm your date of delivery), nutrition supplements like folic and iron supplements will be given to boost your blood levels and prevent some congenital abnormalities to the baby. The midwife will take you through the danger signs and birth plan. Urine test is done during every visit. HIV test is also done, and in case turns positive, counselling is offered and treatment began.

What is happening to your baby?

By now, your baby is 30mm; the size of an apricot. During an ultrasound, you will see your baby making visible movements! Since your baby is still growing; you will notice that its head is remarkably bigger than its body but this will change with time.

Its ears, nose and mouth are developing. The baby has tiny nostrils and its jawbone is also forming. The baby’s heart is beating at 180bpm. The baby’s fingernails, hair are also forming. The umbilical cord is also getting longer at the tenth week. Lastly, it’s baby milk teeth is forming under the gums.


The most visible change is the fact that your belly is getting larger during this time. Here are more symptoms:

Nausea: Experiencing nausea is common during the tenth week but since you are approaching the second trimester, this symptom will soon be long gone.

A bigger belly: Since the baby inside you is gradually growing, your belly will grow and become bigger as well.

Ligament pain: This is the most painful symptom you’ll experience during this week. This happens since your body is making room to cater to the baby that’s developing in your uterus. You may feel sharp pains or cramps on your lower belly area.

Weight gain/Loss: You might gain three to five pounds during your first trimester. But, if nausea and vomiting is a common symptom you experienced— may have lost a few pounds.

Leukorrhea: Seeing vaginal discharge during this time isn’t something to be scared about. On the contrary, it’s completely normal. But if your discharge is bloody or with a cottage cheese consistency, it’s best to contact your healthcare practitioner.

Other symptoms are:

● Headaches

● Mood Swings

● Exhaustion


If you are still consuming caffeine, now is the right time to kick the habit and adapt healthier habits to guarantee the overall health of your baby.

Also, since you may vomit more during the first trimester, and caffeine may cause dehydration. It’s best to cut off caffeine consumption. The Nutritionist at Jacaranda Maternity will be able to advise more. Nutrition clinics offered on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at Kahawa West branch (Kamiti road, Kiamumbi, Chief’s stage) or book an appointment with us through

Tips and tricks to employ during week 10

Here are various tips you can use to simplify your pregnancy:

  1. You may develop varicose veins during this time since your heart pumps more blood through arteries. To prevent varicose veins, walking daily, and elevating your knees helps.

  1. You can try yoga to reduce stress—ask your instructor for simple techniques you can do while pregnant.

  1. Pregnancy can take a toll on your mental health especially if it’s your first time. You can visit your therapist or journal.

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