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What Occurs During Pregnancy Week 40?

Updated: Feb 23

At week 40, you are getting closer to the baby's due date. You have now completed nine months of pregnancy. Normal pregnancy takes up to 40 weeks of pregnancy and that’s why your doctor has been using weeks instead of months because that’s longer than the normal nine months period.

During this period of pregnancy, you need to take care of last minute things like preparing the hospital bag, charging your phone, getting your partner to gas the car so as to avoid minor inconveniences. The baby might arrive soon and this should not get you off guard and create anxiety on delivery day.

Your baby at week 40

Your baby at 40 weeks is as big as a watermelon and is getting ready to exit the womb. It weighs 7.6 pounds and is 20.2 inches long from head to crown.

The baby will apply pressure on your pelvic muscles as they get ready to come into the world. Your baby is still developing, their hair and nail growth is still happening rapidly.

If you’re carrying twins one might seem larger than the other and it’s very normal.


Some of the main symptoms may persistent as the delivery day gets near and this are some of them;

● Leg cramps

● Fatigue

● Anxiety

● Trouble sleeping

● Pelvic pressure

● More contractions

● Vaginal discharge

● Backaches and pain


Try these simple exercises;

● Deep breaths

● Reading books

● Writing a journal

This will help you to relax as the anxiety kicks in because of the delivery.

What can you do to ensure your baby stays healthy?

Your doctor will request for a biophysical profile test to check if the baby is okay and whether it’s ready to be delivered. You might be medically induced for labor especially if you have twins. An ultrasound scan may be performed to monitor amniotic fluid levels.

For healthier baby safety tips, you can visit our clinic at Jacaranda Maternity hospital. During the visit, you’ll have your vitals and physical examination taken. The midwife will ask you how frequently your baby is moving, information about signs of labour and danger signs. If possible discuss postdate planning and scheduling of postdate induction of labour. Presentation Ultrasound (a third ultrasound that checks the position of your baby and whether the baby is in breech position) will be done and a HIV test.

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