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Our mission is to provide high-quality, client-centered, affordable care to mothers and their babies at the highest standards.

We achieve our mission by adhering to the following core values:

  • Uncompromising Quality

    • We aim to set a gold standard for quality of care and measure ourselves constantly against our goals.

  • Patient-Centered Care 

    • We are sensitive to client and community needs and perceptions by providing prompt, efficient and equitable service as well as feedback, involving clients and community in the resolution of problems that always affect them whilst remaining respectful

  • Teamwork and Openness

    • We leverage strength in unity and diversity to create an environment where we work as a team and have open, direct and transparent conversations and uphold mutual respect

  • Initiative & Continuous Improvement

    • We do what we must do to get the results we need while maintaining the quality of care and dignity of our clients. We learn from our failures to continually improve ourselves guided by evidence, and as we forge a new path, we know that there is always a better way to provide exceptional service

  • Sustainability

    • In order to scale and provide more impact to more communities, we aim to be fiscally sustainable, whilst being mindful of affordability


Our vision is to become East Africa's largest chain of hospitals that offer high-quality, affordable maternal care as its core service. In addition, we seek to achieve global recognition as a center of clinical excellence and laboratory innovations in maternal health.

By providing high-quality, affordable service at scale, we hope to make a significant positive impact on maternal and child health outcomes in Kenya and beyond.


Jacaranda Maternity started with a vision of bringing high-quality, affordable maternal healthcare to women in Nairobi. We began in 2011 as a mobile clinic, offeing antenatal services to women along Thika Road in Nairobi. As we expanded our services to include delivery, we opened our first stand-alone clinic in Ruiru in 2012 to supplement our mobile clinic services. 


As demand for our services increased, we had to expand our space. We moved to our current Kahawa West clinic in 2014. Since this move, we have been able to expand our offerings to include more comprehensive maternal health, pediatric health, and general consultation services. 


Since our founding, we have conducted over 4,500 deliveries and 82,000 outpatient visits and have had excellent outcomes. In this time, we have had zero maternal deaths, a 0.04% stillborn rate, and 66% fewer maternal complications than our competitor hospitals.

As we continue to expand, we keep the core tenants of providing high-quality, affordable care at the forefront of everything we do. Our rich history gives us the expertise to care for you and your family, and we look forward to continuing to serve you!

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