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Morning sickness during pregnancy

Updated: Feb 23

Morning sickness is nausea and vomiting that occurs during pregnancy. Nausea is very common in the early weeks of pregnancy. Some women feel sick and some are sick. It can happen at any time of the day—or even all day long. Morning sickness is unpleasant and for some women it can affect their day-to-day life. But usually clears up by weeks 12 to 20 of your pregnancy.

Sometimes morning sickness is so severe that it progresses to a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum. This is when one has severe symptoms that may cause severe dehydration or loss of weight. Hyperemesis gravidarum may require treatment thus it’s advisable to visit the hospital.

Hormonal changes in the first three months are probably one cause of morning sickness. The common signs for morning sickness is nausea and vomiting often triggered by certain odors, excess saliva, spicy food, heat.

Contact your healthcare provider if;

  • The nausea and vomiting is severe

  • You feel severely weak, dizzy or faint when standing up

  • You have dark-colored urine or have not had a pee in more than 8 hours

  • You have abdominal pain

  • You have pain or blood when you pee

  • You have lost weight

Things you can try to avoid Nausea and morning sickness

  • Avoid foods or smells that make you feel worse

  • If you feel sick first thing in the morning, give yourself time to get up slowly. If possible, eat something like dry toast or plain biscuit before you get up

  • Eat small amounts of food often rather than several large meals, but don’t stop eating

  • Get plenty of rest

  • Drink plenty of fluids such as water (sipping them little and often may help prevent vomiting)

  • Eat foods or drinks containing ginger—it may help reduce nausea and vomiting

  • Wear comfortable clothes. Tight waistbands can make you feel worse

If your nausea and vomiting is severe and doesn’t improve after applying the above lifestyle changes, contact your healthcare provider for more evaluation and treatment.

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