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What occurs at pregnancy week 4?

Once you’re 4 weeks pregnant, a home pregnancy test will indicate a positive result. During this time, your body will form an amniotic sac and the placenta. It’s possible that you may experience symptoms such as tender breasts. You might also notice implantation bleeding—don’t fret! It’s completely normal. This phenomenon tends to happen since the cluster of cells that will soon change to become a foetus will attach itself to your uterine wall.

But, if you don’t experience any of these symptoms, it’s entirely normal.

Your baby’s growth at week 4

The size of the baby at week 4 can be compared to a poppy seed or a tiny dot that measures about 2mm. As much as the baby’s size is quite fragile and small—big things are happening within your body. During this time, the cluster of cells implants itself on your uterine wall. These layers of cells will eventually become your baby’s body parts.

Moreover, your baby’s heart and nervous system are developing during this significant time. Your baby’s tiny body already has blood vessels, and a string of the vessels connects the two of you. Later on, this string becomes the umbilical cord.

During this stage, you can refer to the baby as an embryo. Currently, they are nourished by the yolk sac. Lastly, the embryo is surrounded by amniotic fluid to guarantee safety and comfort.


  • During this vital time, your body is going through visible changes and most women experience various symptoms such as bleeding or spotting as the cluster of cells which will soon develop to become your baby, attaches itself to the uterine walls.

Note: If you experience bleeding during any stage of your pregnancy, it’s best to check in with your doctor. You can visit our hospital Jacaranda Maternity at Umoja branch and Kahawa west branch for consultation.

  • You might also experience period-like symptoms such as cramps. If they worsen over time, it’s best to visit a healthcare professional to determine whether there’s a problem.

  • You might experience sore boobs; the heightened progesterone levels might make your boobs feel heavy and tender. Since you are pregnant, these hormones are making preparations for your body to start producing milk.

  • You may experience moodiness since it’s triggered by the surge in hormone levels. It’s best to relax, exercise and sleep to maintain high mood swings.

  • During this time, it’s possible you might experience morning sickness but not every woman experiences this. It varies from woman to woman.

  • Don’t fret when you experience tiredness and exhaustion since fatigue is a symptom one can experience during pregnancy week 4.


Nutrition is an important factor in ensuring a healthy pregnancy. It’s best to stop unhealthy habits as soon as possible. If you’re a smoker or drinker—now is the time to quit.

This time is the best to start a healthy meal plan that will nourish you and the growing baby. Ensure you include foods rich in iron such as spinach to avoid getting anaemia. You should also consider your baby’s health, consuming foods rich in calcium such as milk, yoghurt and cheese allows your baby to develop healthy and strong bones.


Since lowering stress levels is crucial during this time, exercising frequently allows you to remain relaxed throughout the day. You can consider simple routines such as walking, swimming, and stretching. It’s best to take into account the fact that labour requires a lot of effort and the fitter you are, the better.

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