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What occurs at pregnancy week 25?

Updated: Feb 23

You might wonder; is this the onset of my third trimester yet? Well, not yet. The third trimester kicks off at week 28 so you can still bask in the extra energy in your second trimester. At week 25 you are still in your sixth month of pregnancy. During this period some clinics offer pre-registration for delivery.

Your baby at week 25

The baby is still gaining a few pounds and is now weighing 1.5 pounds which is the same size as a Cauliflower.

During this week the baby might open their eyelids. Hair growth is also becoming rapid on their little heads. You might feel a few bounces on your belly as the baby is now active during daytime and asleep at night. Loud sounds startle them and they may respond by moving or hiccups.


Week 25 brings the following symptoms;

● Troublesome sleeping patterns.

● Heartburn

● More contractions

● Hemorrhoids (swollen varicose anal veins)

● Gas and bloating

● Frequent urination

● Constipation

● Increase in weight gain. (15 to 18 pounds. For a mother carrying twins, 25 to 40pounds)


During this week you might feel heavy due to the baby's development and weight gain. You can take a few short walks, eat healthy foods and drink lots of water.

● Elevate your feet

● Kegel exercises

● 15-30 minutes’ walk

What can you do to ensure your baby stays healthy?

This week, you don’t have to schedule visits to your clinic, but if you missed your glucose test make a trip to the doctor’s office.

During the visit, you’ll have your vitals and physical examination taken. OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance tests for elevated blood sugar levels, which could indicate Gestational Diabetes) test done. The results will be reviewed by the Gynaecologist. In addition provide information about future antenatal, answer any questions or concerns from you and ask questions regarding the pregnancy.

Remember to moisturize your skin for the itchiness and also watch your eyesight health. Pregnancy hormones might cause blurriness and you can bring it up with your doctor. Also if you are experiencing heart palpitations it is advisable to discuss it with your OB.

You can visit our clinic at Jacaranda Maternity hospital; we’ll ensure all your needs are catered to.

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