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What happens during pregnancy week 33?

Updated: Feb 23

At this time, you might be feeling as though your bump is getting in the way of your daily activities. Regardless of how frustrating it is, you need to try to relax as much as possible to avoid stress.

Currently, it’s hard to know how big you are but you may get bigger since the baby inside your womb is still growing and the most important parts of their bodies are still developing.

You might be feeling more exhausted since you are carrying a couple of kilos in your womb.

Your baby’s development

You only have seven weeks left to finally meet your baby. At 33 weeks, your baby is the size of a pineapple, weighing 1.9 kg. It’s also about 43.7 cm long.

At this time, the baby’s brain and nervous system are completely developed. Its bones are hardening as time goes by. But, the skull bones will remain soft until your baby is 12 to 18 months old.

A soft skull is essential during this process since it allows the baby to be pushed smoothly out of the womb.

Common symptoms you’ll experience during this time

When you are 33 weeks pregnant, you are prone to experiencing symptoms such as:

  1. Braxton hicks contractions

  2. Leg cramps

  3. Frequent urination

  4. Swollen feet and hands

  5. Insomnia/lack of sleep

Tips and tricks to guarantee a safe pregnancy

To guarantee a safe pregnancy, you can:

  1. Consume foods rich in Omega-3 to enhance early development of the child once it’s born.

  2. Eat more food that is rich in calcium, and you can soak in the sunlight to absorb Vitamin D.

  3. Do light exercises such as walking, swimming or Yoga.

Lastly, it’s best to visit a gynaecologist to track your pregnancy. You can schedule an appointment with us at Jacaranda Maternity Clinic. During the visit, you’ll have your vitals and physical examination taken. The midwife will remind you about recognising early labour and when to call the hospital. Your second tetanus injection will be administered.

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