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What occurs in pregnancy week 8?

Updated: Feb 23

During the eighth week, your baby is gradually changing from an embryo to a foetus. As much as you are experiencing various changes in your body during this time, outside, it’s not visible and that’s fine. You will start noticing your clothes fit tighter since your uterine wall is expanding as your baby continues to grow. You’ll also notice you gained a few pounds due to your baby’s development.

Your breasts will become larger and fuller, this is a result of hormones. Since your breasts are preparing to make milk when your baby will be born. Your blood volume will also increase by 45 percent. Your body will be working harder than it ever has. Therefore, discomforts are normal.

Your baby at 8 weeks

At eight weeks, your baby is the size of a kidney bean. It’s already half an inch long. During this time, your baby starts to resemble how a newborn looks. Also, their facial features continue to form. Other parts of the body keep developing as well.

You might not feel it but the foetus has already begun to move as well.

On the other hand, if you are expecting twins, they are also starting to look like real babies during this time. When you are carrying twins, you are more at risk. Therefore, you need more care. Visit Jacaranda Maternity hospital to get the care and attention you need from our Gynaecologist. Gynaecologist clinics run every Mon-Fri from 8am to 4pm and Saturday from 9am to 12.30pm at Kahawa West branch (Kamiti road, Kiamumbi, Chief’s stage). And Wednesday and Saturdays from 8am to 5pm at Umoja branch (Wallet Centre, opposite Shujaa Mall).

During your visit, your history will be taken, vitals and physical examination, new ANC laboratory tests, dating ultrasound (it’s the best way to confirm your date of delivery), nutrition supplements like folic and iron supplements will be given to boost your blood levels and prevent some congenital abnormalities to the baby. The midwife will take you through the danger signs and birth plan. Urine test is done during every visit. HIV test is also done, and in case turns positive, counselling is offered and treatment began.


Since you are eight weeks pregnant; you will experience symptoms such as:

● Fatigue

● Sore breasts

● Heartburn

● Weight gain


● Frequent urination

● Insomnia

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