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What occurs during pregnancy week 38?

Updated: Feb 23

At week 38 of pregnancy a lot is going on in your body as you get ready for the delivery day. You are nine months pregnant and might be experiencing a lot of sensitive pains in your lower cervix since your baby is kicking. While these types of discomforts are going on be sure to look out for labor signs.

Your baby at week 38

During this week of pregnancy your baby is as big as a winter melon and weighs about 6.8 pounds. The baby is about 19.6 inches long and the head is proportional to the circumference of its abdomen.

Your baby is sitting pretty low in your pelvic and movements around the pelvis muscles may create sensitive pains. Some shedding of the white substance on its skin has begun but it will be seen during birth. The hair on its head is an inch long. The baby’s head will begin facing the pelvis during this week.


Week 38 has the following symptoms and signs of pregnancy;

● Trouble sleeping at night

● Increased vaginal discharge

● Braxton Hicks contractions

● An itchy belly

● Swollen feet and ankles

Signs of Labour;

● Mucus discharge or bloody stains


● Nausea

● Persistent contractions

● Sudden or intense Back pain

● Water breaking


During this week do not exert yourself, you can just try to relax. These are a few exercises you can try;

● Elevating your feet for the swelling

● Deep breaths

What can you do to ensure your baby stays healthy?

During this week you can schedule an appointment with your gynaecologist to monitor your pregnancy to see if any complications have arisen like preeclampsia, uterine infections or a placental problem so as to induce labor. Also if you notice any irregularities during your labour make sure to inform your doctor.

For healthier baby safety tips, you can visit our clinic Jacaranda Maternity. During the visit you’ll have your vitals and physical examination taken. The midwife will ask you how frequently your baby is moving, information about signs of labour and danger signs. If possible discuss postdate planning and scheduling of postdate induction of labor. Presentation Ultrasound (a third ultrasound that checks the position of your baby and whether the baby is in breech position) will be done and a HIV test.

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