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What occurs at pregnancy week 23?

Updated: Feb 23

During the week 23rd of pregnancy, you have added 12-15 pounds in weight and are now in the last weeks of your second trimester. If you are carrying twins, you should have added around 23 pounds. The regular visits to your Gynaecologist have reduced to once a month before they become frequent again in your last trimester. You should make use of the increased energy from the second trimester to carry out active activities. Jacaranda Maternity has a Gynaecologist Doctor for high-risk pregnancies every Wednesday and Saturday from 8am to 5pm at the Umoja branch (Wallet Centre, opposite Shujaa Mall). And Mon-Fri from 8am to 4pm, Sat from 9am to 12.30pm at Kahawa West branch (Kamiti road, Kiamumbi, Chief’s stage). You can also book for an appointment through our website at

During the visit you will be booked for anatomy scan (helps to detect any abnormalities and checks the position of the placenta). The midwife will take your vitals and physical examination. In addition review your dating scan, provide information about future ANC’s. Remind you about nutrition, danger signs and plan for your OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance tests for elevated blood sugar levels, which could indicate Gestational Diabetes).

Your baby at week 23

At week 23, your baby starts to look more like a baby with the foetus starting to gain fat in its body. The brain and body muscles are still developing as the foetus grows in size and weight. Your baby weighs over a pound and is about 11.4 inches in size. This is almost the size of a grapefruit. The baby is practicing how to breathe and has started to react to your body movements. The kicks to your body will be more frequent now especially when you rest.


Some of the symptoms will carry forward to this week, and these are;

● Swollen feet and ankles

● Weight gain

● Back pains

● More contractions

● Bleeding gums

● Indigestion and heartburn

● Increase in appetite


Due to fatigue and faintness, it is advisable to do these simple exercises;

● Bask in the sun for vitamin D

● Walk for 15 to 30 min daily

● Light stretching like yoga

● Deep breath exercises

What can you do to ensure your baby stays healthy?

Plan for time off

It is time to now plan for your maternity leave to get more time for resting and taking care of your body needs.

You can also visit our antenatal clinic at Jacaranda Maternity hospital. We offer all the tips you need to guarantee a safe pregnancy.

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