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What occurs at pregnancy week 22?

Updated: Feb 23

Body changes are occurring rapidly during this week of pregnancy. Your belly navel is protruding and your feet are slightly bigger due to the swelling. The weight gain is also increasing during the second trimester of your pregnancy and you will have added a few extra pounds. You are still in your fifth month of pregnancy, halfway to the sixth month. Doctors prefer using weeks to calculate duration of pregnancy.

Your baby at week 22.

A lot is happening inside your baby bump as more foetal development is happening at a rapid rate. Your baby is as big as a coconut or a small doll and is 11inches long. The foetus has hit the one pound weight milestone which is about 15.2 ounces.

The baby’s limb movements are becoming stronger and the baby can now grip the umbilical cord. Don’t worry, it’s normal and it cannot break. The hearing and visions are also more defined and the baby can detect light from a torch, hear your breathing sounds and your heartbeat.


The most obvious symptom is weight gain but there are some other visible symptoms;

● Stretch marks

● Protruding navel

● Leg cramps

● Dizziness

● Constipation

● Heartburn and indigestion


As the baby bump grows, weight gain is increasing in equal measures. You can try these light exercises;

● Walk for 30min every day

● Take deep breaths for relaxation.

● Yoga classes.

What can you do to ensure your baby stays healthy?

Avoid alcohol and tobacco

Your health and that of your baby matters. It is advisable to reduce and ultimately stop the intake of harmful substances into your body for healthy fetal development.

Prenatal visit

Your doctor may call you for your scheduled prenatal visit to check on your growing foetus. Blood tests will be carried out to check for any abnormalities. Your doctor will also check on your blood pressure and weight to ensure they are at risk-free levels.

You can also visit our antenatal clinic at Jacaranda Maternity hospital through a Gynaecologist. Gynae clinics are offered every Wed and Sat from 8am to 5pm at Umoja branch (Wallet Centre, opposite Shujaa Mall) and Mon-Fri from 8am-4pm, Sat from 9am -12.30 pm at Kahawa West branch (Kamiti road, Kiamumbi, Chief’s stage). During the visit, you will be booked for anatomy scan (helps to detect any abnormalities and checks the position of the placenta). The midwife will take your vitals and physical examination. In addition review your dating scan, provide information about future ANC’s. Remind you about nutrition, danger signs and plan for your OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance tests for elevated blood sugar levels, which could indicate Gestational Diabetes).

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