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What occurs at pregnancy week 20?

Updated: Feb 23

You are now on your fifth month of pregnancy as the baby bump keeps growing half an inch every week. At this stage of pregnancy you can get to know the gender of your baby during the ultrasound scan.

Your baby at week 20.

The foetus is the size of a sweet potato during this week, which is about 6-6.5 inches and weighs 10 ounces. The reproductive organs have formed and are still developing. The arms and legs are now in proportion to the body and slight movements can be felt in your tummy. There’s still room for your unborn baby to grow.


During this week of pregnancy, these are some of the symptoms you might experience;

● Hair & nail growth at a high rate which looks thicker and Fuller. The nails might be dry and brittle for some women

● Growing appetite

● Indigestion and heartburn

● Cramps in your legs

● Swelling of feet known as Edema due to water retention


It is advisable to do light exercises like stretching but don’t overstretch as you may be prone to injuries during pregnancy. You should be able to feel at ease while exercising.

What can you do to ensure your baby stays Healthy?

Ultrasound scans

This is to check for baby abnormalities before they are born. During this stage you can also do amniocentesis to know the gender of your baby. You will be booked for anatomy scan (helps to detect any abnormalities and checks the position of the placenta). The midwife will take your vitals and physical examination. In addition review your dating scan, provide information about future ANC’s. Remind you about nutrition, danger signs and plan for your OGTT(Oral Glucose Tolerance tests for elevated blood sugar levels, which could indicate Gestational Diabetes).

Flexible lifestyle changes

Equip yourself with the right maternity gear for the growing bump as you also add weight. This gives your body room to breathe. Watch out for the sitting and lying posture to avoid back pain.

Avoid alcohol and smoking

The health of your baby matters and it is advisable to quit smoking and intake of alcohol for proper growth development of the fetus.

You can also visit our antenatal clinic at Jacaranda Maternity hospital. We offer all the tips you need to guarantee a safe pregnancy.

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