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What occurs at pregnancy week 16?

At week 16, you are now officially four months pregnant. That means you have five more months of pregnancy left. The baby bump is quite visible and if you haven’t shopped for maternity clothes, this is the time to do so.

Your baby at week 16

Your baby is now 5.3 inches in length, that’s about 10-13cm. This is the size of an avocado. The foetus is now developing stronger tiny muscles and backbone formation and can be able to straighten its head and neck. The facial expressions are now visible as the foetus is able to flex its facial muscles. The nervous system is still developing so the movements are minimal and not fully controlled.


At this stage of pregnancy these are some of the visible symptoms:

The baby bump is more visible

● Increased sexual libido. ( Not applicable to all women)

● The “pregnancy glow” is due to oil production and more blood flow to your skin. Might cause acne too.

● Visible varicose veins

● Cramps and sharp pains in your legs.


With the advice of your health practitioner, some of the light exercises you can try are;

● Walking for short periods

● Stretching your legs to reduce pain due to the cramping.

What can you do during this time to ensure your baby stays Healthy?

It is advisable to maintain general health for you and your baby. Here are some tips;

Sleeping Positions

During your second trimester, it’s advisable not to lie on your back for too long. You should lie on your side to improve back and hip discomforts while promoting blood flow to your baby.

Balanced Diet

The foetus is growing at a rapid rate and your body is craving foods. It is advisable to eat an extra 300 calories and include plenty of leafy greens in your diet.

Some of the foods to avoid during pregnancy:

● Raw meat

● Raw eggs

● Unpasteurized milk

● Fish that contain Mercury

If you notice unexpected symptoms, pay a visit to your health practitioner for advice. Visit Jacaranda Maternity hospital at Umoja branch (Wallet centre, opposite Shujaa Mall) or Kahawa West branch (Kamiti road, Kiamumbi, Chief’s stage) for your antenatal clinic. The Midwife will take you through the danger signs, plan for your OGTT visit (Oral Glucose Tolerance tests for elevated blood sugar levels, which could indicate Gestational Diabetes) and book you for a nutrition clinic

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