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What happens during pregnancy week 35?

Updated: Feb 23

While most women get their maternity leave during this time, others prefer to continue work. It’s best to choose what works for you! You can opt for maternity leave to start preparing for the birth of your baby. You are almost 8 months along with one month to go until you give birth. During this time, your breasts are currently producing Colostrum which is the first milk you’ll produce. Since your body is preparing to give birth, you may experience Braxton hicks’ contractions.

Your baby’s development

Your baby’s development during this time is crucial since your body is in prep mode. The size of your baby is similar to a Spaghetti squash.

Your baby is 18 inches tall and weighs 5 pounds.

  1. Your baby’s arms and legs are plump since your child is gaining baby weight.

  2. The skull of the baby is still soft regardless of the fact that the other bones of his or her body are still hardening.

Common signs and symptoms during week 35

Here are the common symptoms you’ll experience during the 35th week of pregnancy:

  1. Frequent urination since the baby’s head is near your pelvis, pressing the bladder, giving you urges to urinate almost all the time.

  2. Occasional headaches

  3. Varicose veins in your legs may begin to ache or itch.

  4. Haemorrhoids

  5. Bleeding gums

  6. Clumsiness occurs more often since it gets harder to balance your body

  7. Braxton hicks contractions

Helpful tips to incorporate during this week

  1. Start preparing a birth plan to clearly state your preferences.

  2. You can prevent pregnancy insomnia by finding a boring task to do. After a short while, you’ll fall asleep.

  3. You can continue to carry out a few exercises such as Yoga, Short walks and Swimming.

  4. Stay healthy by taking all your prenatal supplements, and eating a healthy diet with low sugar intake.

You can visit us at Jacaranda Maternity hospital. During the visit you’ll have your vitals and physical examination taken. The midwife will remind you about recognising early labour and when to call the hospital. Your second tetanus injection will be administered.

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