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What occurs at pregnancy week 14?

Week fourteen signifies the start of the second trimester. During this week the cravings are becoming stronger and you are feeling more energetic; nausea is also becoming less. At four months of pregnancy, you might start to notice some physical changes on your body. The baby bump is now showing and the trip to the maternity store is now valid.

Your baby at week 14

During this period, your baby is now 3-4 inches in size, slightly bigger than a lemon and growing at a rapid rate. The baby is also becoming heavier and weighs about 2-3 ounces.

Foetal development is becoming more defined, as the baby’s arms and legs are lengthening, the toenails are growing, the intestines are developing to prepare the first bowel movements and some baby hair is growing. There’s some strands of hair growing on the head, eyebrows forming and also defined facial expressions. The baby might wink or frown at you during the ultrasound.


As the foetus grows, some symptoms might occur. These are;

● More physical energy

● Weight gain

● Breast enlargement and still tender

● More frequent urinary visits

● Increased appetite

● Varicose veins swelling


As your body goes through changes to accommodate the foetus, you should also aim to keep it fit for you and your baby. You can try these light exercises;

● Walking

● Stretching

What can you do during this time to ensure your baby stays healthy?

At this stage of the pregnancy, a lot of changes are happening to your body and also the growing foetus. Here are some tips to staying healthy;

Remember to Eat

The feeling of nausea makes it hard to eat or sometimes you get too busy at work and forget to eat. You can put reminders on your phone or computer for light meals in between the day so as to be able to regulate your blood sugars.

Avoid germs

Your body is built to suppress your immune system during pregnancy so as to not treat your baby as a foreign threat. You are more prone to diseases during pregnancy and should avoid contact with sick people and germs. Carry a hand sanitizer always and wash your hands often.

Antenatal Visits

Antenatal classes are advisable for you and your partner to help you cope with the pregnancy journey as it lays a strong foundation for your unborn child and helps preserve your emotional, physical and even mental health.

You can visit our prenatal clinic at Jacaranda Maternity hospital. Antenatal clinics offered from Mon-Sun at Umoja branch (Wallet Centre, opposite Shujaa Mall) and Kahawa West branch (Kamiti road, Kiamumbi, Chief’s stage). The Midwife at Jacaranda Maternity will educate you on danger signs, plan for your OGTT, review anatomy results and book for a nutrition clinic.

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