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What happens during pregnancy week 32?

Updated: Feb 23

This is the time when most women start waddling like penguins since their bump is getting bigger as each day passes by.

Once you are 32 weeks pregnant, you only have two more months to go until you give birth. At this time, your baby’s bones and organs are fully developed.

High chances are your baby has turned upside down to prepare for birth.

During this time, you’re prone to feel breathless due to the pressure of the child’s lungs that are still developing in your uterus.

Your baby’s development

During this time, your baby has doubled in size compared to the last four weeks. Your baby’s size is similar to a Napa Cabbage.

Here are some of the key differences in your baby’s development:

● Your baby is getting plumper due to putting on weight. At this time, it could be 1.7 kgs and 28 cm long.

● Your baby’s head is facing down to prepare for the birth process. However, if it hasn’t happened yet—don’t worry since it will occur sooner than you think.

● The baby’s eyes are currently dark grey or blue. This will change after birth and you’ll be able to tell your child’s authentic eye color in a year or so.

Common symptoms you’ll experience during this time

Here are the symptoms you’ll experience during this week:

  1. Sleeplessness/Insomnia

  2. Stretch marks

  3. Heartburn

  4. Constipation

  5. Swollen hands and feet

  6. Your skin could get darker, this phenomenon is known as chloasma.

  7. Bloating and constipation

  8. Cramps

Tips and tricks to guarantee a safe pregnancy

Below are a few tips you can incorporate in your routine to guarantee a safe pregnancy.

  1. Eat food rich in Vitamin K, each child needs to have Vitamin K since it allows blood to clot and also prevents Vitamin K deficiency.

  2. You can do gentle pelvic exercises to prevent leakage when you laugh, sneeze and so on.

  3. Since you are eating for two, you need to add 200 calories to your diet to ensure you are nourishing the child as well.

During the visit you’ll have your vitals and physical examination taken. The midwife will provide information about antenatal classes, danger signs, signs of preterm labour, birth preparedness, individual birth plan and answer any questions of concern. First tetanus injection will be administered. HB (a blood test for haemoglobin levels) will be tested. Anti-D will be administered (administered during the third trimester if your blood type is rhesus negative. This is to prevent rhesus disease, should your baby have rhesus positive blood.)

For more information, visit us at Jacaranda Maternity hospital and we’ll be happy to assist you during this crucial time.

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