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What occurs at pregnancy week 26?

Updated: Feb 23

During this pregnancy week, your body is gaining weight at a rapid rate and doing simple tasks is becoming exhausting. You are still at your sixth month of pregnancy and the third trimester is near.

You might have gained 16 to 22 pounds by now and if you are carrying twins, 27 to 42 pounds. Your uterus is 2.5 inches above your belly button and the bump is becoming bigger and tighter.

Your baby at week 26

The baby is as big as a beetroot, measuring 14 inches in length and weighing 1.7 pounds. Your baby can take breaths of amniotic fluid as they practice for delivery day. The immune system is developing and the foetus is taking up some of your antibodies. The baby’s eyes are still forming and the eyelashes are now visible.

The baby will soon open their eyes if they have not done it already. Reactions to stimulus are becoming more defined as the baby reacts to light, the sound of your voice and even pokes to your belly. You might notice that the baby is more active at night hence why you’re having trouble sleeping. You can try talking to your baby, reading story books and singing so that it can familiarize with your voice.


During this week of pregnancy these are some of the symptoms;

● More contractions

● Swelling or puffiness

● Headaches

● Troublesome sleeping

● Pregnancy brain

● High blood pressure

● Gained weight


It’s becoming hard to keep up with exercising but you can try these light exercises

● Walking

● Elevating your feet

● Stretching

What can you do to ensure your baby stays healthy?

Eat healthy foods and stay away from greasy foods to reduce heartburn and indigestion. Keep up with exercises and drink lots of water. If you feel any complications talk to your doctor.

During the visit you’ll have your vitals and physical examination taken. OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance tests for elevated blood sugar levels, which could indicate Gestational Diabetes) test done. The results will be reviewed by the Gynaecologist. In addition provide information about future antenatal, answer any questions or concerns from you and ask questions regarding the pregnancy.

You can visit our clinic at Jacaranda Maternity hospital; we’ll ensure all your needs are catered to.

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